Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Blocks of Remembrance...2011

A quick recap of a BIG year.

For the second year now we had a family New Year's party with our crew of four where we played lots of games and let the boys eat all the snacks/goodies they wanted for one night.  Before they boys went to bed for the night, we sat down together and wrote the things we were most thankful for on their wooden blocks.  These blocks have taken on the role of more than just an item of play for Huson and Athan.  They serve as a visual reminder of what great things our God has done for us.

So here they are...our blocks of 2011

1. Our house sold, easily.  We knew it was not a great time to put a house on the market.  Ours sold quickly and without much trouble.  This was a huge confirmation for us that our step of faith in packing up and moving to Dallas was the right move.

2.  In fact, the house sold so quickly that we weren't ready to move yet.  So we got to spend a few weeks living with a dear family, the Herrmanns.  It was a huge blessing, a time of refreshment and a lot of fun.  They are a sweet family, who inspired us with many creative ideas of how to live for Christ as a family.  The boys LOVED being there, having lots of playmates, a multitude of fun toys, and a backyard that was like an amusement park!

3.  It took 12 months, but baby A finally slept through the night!  Woohoo!  To his credit we didn't push him to give up our nighttime assistance until we had settled after a long time of transition and moving.  Please don't think less of me, but I found I enjoyed him much more after getting a full night's sleep. :)  In celebrating his first birthday, we also were able to look back and thank God for Athan's good health.

4.  The boys had a great summer in Texas!  We made our move to Fort Worth at the end of May, and the boys didn't even seem phased by this major change.  Sweet Hudson really expressed excitement about the new adventure and living in an apartment.  He especially LOVED the pool.  What a huge blessing during the hottest summer known to man!  We also made some great friends, the Atkins family.  We had many fun play dates with Katy, Addy and Owen at the park, Chikfila, and the pool, of course.

5.  It was a daunting task to select a place to live in this huge area while living out of state, and yet we found a great apartment.  It's a good location, feels safe, and we've made friends with some neighbors.  And, of course, the pool was fabulous!

6.  This spring Jay spent hours on job boards, looking on church's websites, and making contacts with people in this area searching for the right job to have while in school.  We're so thankful that through all that the Lord led us to Mckinney Church in Fort Worth, TX.  Among many other things, we love their ministry focus, diversity and heart for outreach.  Jay also bonded quickly with the adult team that he is part of.

7. Mckinney ELC-- I also spent a great deal of time contemplating what type of job I would have and where the boys would attend childcare.  I was reluctant to also work at the church and wasn't sure an opening would even be available.  When I went to meet the director, she just happened to ask where I would be working.  I replied that I was beginning the search.  She told me they had openings, and there we go!  It's a perfect fit for our family and a fabulous program.  They are super supportive and understanding of teachers as moms first.  And, Athan, especially has loved his class and teachers.

8.  Hudson has made many friends this year.  He will express some reluctancy to attend preschool/church, but once he's there he seems to have such a great time.  He made some good little buddies in Stillwater before we moved, and has now connected with some little guys here in Fort Worth, too.  It's so much fun to see those first friendships.  He has also especially loved his cousins and started really playing with them all on his own- for hours at a time!

9.  And throughout the year, over and over, God has shown His abundant provision.  He has met our needs in many ways.  People have shared with us and given so generously to help in the move and time of part time work and full time school.  We are humbled through the gifts of others and amazed at the way our Father meets our needs.

The Felkers in 2012


Kevin and Kelly said...

Praise God for so many blessings!

Laura said...

Not sure why I'm just now reading this, but what a wonderful way to look back on the blessings we've been given. We may need to copy your block idea!