Saturday, March 3, 2012

A little of this, a little of that

In this stage of life with my little ones, I often find myself thinking, oh- I need to write that down, or get that little bit on video.  I try to end the day thinking of the wonderful, funny, sweet things my little guys are doing instead of some of the other stuff that can weigh me down.  While I realize this stage can't and probably shouldn't last forever, I just don't want to forget it.

Now that I am working a second part time job, things like blogging just have to go.  I've tried to make mental notes of things that I'm loving about my boys right now, so here's what I've got.

Athan, aka, Stink and Spike.  Oh, my this little guy just keeps us on our toes!  He has earned the nickname Spike because that is what his hair just does.  Jay was certain that A's hair would grow better if he had a trim, so he took him for that.  Not sure that really worked.  So we've embraced the spike and it just seems to fit his mischievous little personality.  He is such a tough little guy who is hardly slowed down by much...even my attempts at telling him "no." :)  

Athan's actions still speak louder than his words, mostly because he's not talking much.  He regularly says Dada and Mama, but not much for Hudson yet.  He calls him something like Dada.  He also calls himself that (I think that's a result of a game he and Jay played).  He says please, thank you, down, cup or up (that's his favorite phrase currently).  And this week he told me, "ma ba," which clearly meant "my ball!"  He manages to communicate so much with just a few words and lots of gestures.  At Christmas, my dad joked that he was like Lassie coming to get you, then showing you what he needed.  

Just like Hudson did, Athan has fallen passionately in love with work trucks.  I've taught him motions for the different kinds of trucks.  He'll cry when we pass by a truck because he wants to stay longer.  I took the boys to a gas station this week where we sat for 45 minutes watching excavators and dump trucks.  He was beyond excited, trying so hard to climb for a better look.  He loves to be outside and to wrestle.  He enjoys bath time much more and will sing along to our little song (nah-nah-bath time!).  His fine motor skills impress us as he has done so well feeding himself with a spoon.

Athan is doing so well at school.  He loves his teachers and is usually just so happy to run in the door and explore what new toys are out for the day.  It's been fun to see what new things he is learning there.  Among many other things, he's learned to sign please,  say cheese when having his picture taken, sleep on a nap mat (personally, I think that's impressive), and walk in a line.  He'll make an attempt to repeat his teachers names to us, and smiles when I ask name some of the other children in his Ducks class.

Unfortunately, Athan has had a sick spell and the poor guy has needed some form of medicine almost daily for the past 6 weeks.  He absolutely hates it!  I was surprised as Hudson always enjoyed medicine.  We had to resort to pinning him down and forcing him to take it.  Along with that, he's not too excited about brushing his teeth.

Hudson, our sweet little cheese ball!  We love his desire to please and love on his family.  He says so much, which often makes for some funny things.

Hudson's transportation love has shifted to real cars.  Around the first of the year I pointed out to him what a Mustang looks like.  There are 3 that park near our apartment.  He got it and quickly learned them all.  He's like this little preschool car genius (Oh, that's a Kia!  There's a Lexus!).  When we get in the car, we all have to choose a car to pretend to drive and then follow that up with driving noises, even Athan.

It has been a privilege to be next door to his preschool class.  I get to spy on him throughout the day.  I'm so glad to see that he's making friends and enjoying his class.  I also get to see his obedient heart in action.  At church this month his Sunday school teacher told me what a joy he has been.  She also prophesied that he would be a pastor one day.  :)  It was sweet how she described Hudson's eagerness to learn and share what he knows with others.

Hudson loves numbers and has enjoyed talking about time and the calendar.  He's continued to learn new letters at school and can identify most capitals.  It's so fun to see him figure out the sounds of letters in words.  He doesn't always want to sit down and practice writing, so we've tried to be creative in finding ways to get him to write.  Tic-tac-toe has been a good way.  

Another favorite of late- Hudson naps/rests in our room every day and usually leaves something in there.  I go in afterwards to straighten the bed and put up the books, but every few days something gets left behind.  I'll go to lay down at night and find a small dinosaur under my pillow or a car on my nightstand.  I love it!  Hudson will have been asleep for awhile by then, and it's just such a fun reminder of our day together.

                                                                      A Thursday morning with Daddy
                                                                  Athan loves talking on the phone now
                              Compassionate Hudson wanted to help take care of Athan on one of his sick days
I love these little guys!  LOVE them!!!