Wednesday, July 29, 2009

My Favorite Friends...

After Kelly's wedding last weekend, Hudson learned the names of some of my friends. Here is Hudson naming off the other girls of the Fab those girls and love this boy! :)

Saturday, July 4, 2009

These are a few of his favorite things...

Right now Hudson's most favorite book is one about trucks. It simply displays pictures of all types of trucks and lists their names. That's it. And yet he loves to read it over and over. Tractor is about the only type of truck name that he can say right now. For the others he points at the truck and says "ba," which we believe means "tell me the name of that one." He really doesn't even need us to name the trucks for him. We were shocked one day recently when we put his knowledge to the test. He was able to identify almost all of the trucks in the book...backhoe loader, track excavator, lifter, street sweeper, and on and on. He could even tell the difference between types of fire trucks. We grow tired of reading this book to him so much, but it's really amazing to see how much he has learned from this one book.

We've also seen his imagination flourish. He is beginning to play more independently as a result. He loves to take little cars or trains and just drive them all over. I have also found him taking objects and pretending they are something else. At the youth house, he loves to play with markers in the tray of a marker board. He lines them up and says "choo, choo" as he pushes them along. This has been an exciting milestone.

He still loves to watch videos of himself. I've been showing him little clips on the computer. We had so much fun this morning watching videos from his first year. My, has our little baby changed!

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Beach Fun

Last week we got 4 wonderful days at Sea Grove beach with Jay's family. The whole vacation took over a week as we took a few days to travel down to Florida, stopping in Mississippi to meet up with more Felkers.

This was Hudson's first trip to the beach (I don't think it counts that we went when I was pregnant). He enjoyed the sand, but not so much the ocean. I think the sound and movement of the ocean waves was overwhelming to him. It took us a few days to figure out to take him down to an inland part of the ocean. That was so much better. He even stepped in the water on his own. The next two days were much more fun even if our view wasn't quite as nice. Life is better when Hudson is happy. He enjoyed splashing in the water and looking for fish. We were thankful for time away with family to enjoy the beauty of the beach!

Here is the magical moment when Hudson on his own decided to brave his way into the water. A few moments after the video ends, he was down in the water splashing around. Such fun!