Friday, November 12, 2010

Athan's Fifth Month, seriously???

Wow, to think that we're talking about Athan's fifth month already is hard to believe. On the other hand, I do feel as though this month we really got to know little Athan so much better and enjoyed him. It's an incredible experience how you are handed this little stranger one day who you love instantly, and then you spend the next few years actually getting to know that baby.

One major reason joy marked this month is because we got to experience his sweet chuckles for the first time. He's always been a loud baby and squeal before now, but this month we heard definite laughs. Love it! Love tickling him, making funny faces, and saying goofy things to get him to laugh. And, of course, Hudson joins in the fun as well.
Athan's vocal cords have developed in other ways as well. He seemed to be so much louder this month, both in expressing happiness and frustration. Early in the month I noticed he seemed to have an insatiable desire to chew that would just make him crazy. That's when the mad sounds would come. He also had a week long spell of crying when we started to put him to sleep. It seemed to come out of nowhere and then slowly faded away after about a week. It's not just his voice that's growing stronger. His legs are much sturdier, and he loves to put weight on them. He spends much of his day standing in our arms.
We feel like we understand Athan more and more when it comes to what helps him to settle down for sleep. Our keys have been: dark darkness, swaddling (thank you Laura for letting us use your miracle blanket!!), sitting, and the paci after all that is done. When doing this, he is usually settled in to sleep within minutes. He still wakes up twice at night (once to say hi, please hold me and give me my paci; once to eat). It's manageable, and we're content with the progress he's making. His night is getting longer, often from 8 to 8, and he has cut back to 3 naps most days. It's funny how happy I am that he is taking 1 less nap a day.
A fun quirky thing this month- we've discovered Athan's favorite song, at least for now. Great is Thy Faithfulness settles him down like nothing else, especially when he is fussing in the car and out of my reach. A few lines of that great hymn, and his little soul is settled. It is precious. Once again, Hudson has tuned in to this and loves it. He has learned the words to the chorus, which just makes my heart so happy. Great is Thy faithfulness, O Father above, in giving us such wonderful boys!

Monday, November 1, 2010

Oh, October!

Hudson's favorite game at Countryside's party- the Goliath slingshot
The boys had a great time...A stayed up past bedtime like a true party champ!
Tractor Hay Ride with Gigi Thermal Windows party
OSU Homecoming Parade...go Pokes! Happy Birthday, Hudson! Mini golf pro
Oh, October! In our life October is a crazy, fun activity filled month. We started the month off with a surprise birthday party for Aunt Kandace. Then, Hudson's birthday followed right behind. We celebrated ourselves with a family day playing mini golf and then-- throwing up at Eskimo Joe's. Yup, that's what I said. Hudson made a quick recovery in time for his birthday party where we covered everything and everyone in orange to represent all the fun things that come with this time of year. We enjoyed OSU homecoming with the Pattersons, and this year even a few Thompsons came down for the festivities! Halloween was exciting for our fireman and dalmation. We had a weekend filled with parties. First, it was a trick or treat through Thermal Windows, then an incredible party at Pa and Gigi's house (only my parents would have a party like that for their 6 little grandchildren!), and finally the Hallelujah Party at Countryside.
When we weren't celebrating on the weekends, we enjoyed playing outside this month. Hudson and Jay have spent many hours outside playing football. Thanks to a great trick from Aunt K, he's actually learning to catch the ball. It's a great month for family fun!

Athan's Fourth Month

Roll, Athan, roll! The biggest accomplishment our baby A achieved in his fourth month was rolling over. He wiggled from his belly to his back for the first time very early in his fourth month (September 21, I believe). I think he knew my eyes were in disbelief because he went on to do it two more times after that. Hudson was stoked to watch A roll over as well! It took a few more weeks before Jay got the privilege of seeing Athan's new moves in person. He went on to roll over a few more times in the month. It's all about getting that head up and looking another direction. His body just follows behind.

Another first for the month was staying in the nursery at church. I felt very blessed that the worker in our infant room during Sunday School (the best time for me to leave him) is a very experienced mother of 7. I leave him while I help Jay lead our junior high class, and Jill rocks him to sleep. I feel good about him getting his rest and enjoy the opportunity to do something different. He will still hang out with me for awhile the other times we're at church throughout the week, but it's been a good start.

We did make the move from his bassinet to his crib this month. It just happened a little differently than we had planned. After a trip to Starkville when he slept in a crib there, we decided it would be the best time to make the switch for Athan. We ended up moving it into our room. This was not my plan, nor is it the most aesthetic arrangement. I liked the way I had set up the room for the boys. BUT I think it's the wisest thing we've done since having two boys. I was so anxious about Hudson and Athan sharing a room and how I would handle night time or keep Hudson out of HIS room for most of the day while Athan napped. This has worked perfectly. Athan has also adjusted well and seems to sleep a little better in the crib. As I was rearranging things, I also hung up a very dark red blanket over the window next to the crib. That has been a big help as well. I've decided the look of the house is nothing compared to the happiness of those who live in it! Athan is still learning how to sleep through the night, and we're working to figure out the best way to get him to sleep, but we feel like we've made some major strides this month in this area.

He's also continued to grow and grow. The big little man weighed in at 17 lbs. at his four month check up. That's in the 90th percentile if you were wondering! He measured 25 inches, which was right in the middle. We're just glad he's growing, even if it means he grows out of his tiny baby clothes faster. Oh, and this may seem like a strange thing, but we have grown to love his sweet little smell. I've never known another baby to have their own scent, but A sure does. We've said if only we could bottle this up because like everything that happens in this first year, we know it won't last long...