Friday, September 24, 2010

A Two Year Recap

We've hit a perfect trio at our house. First, my car hit 33, 333 miles. Then Athan turned 3 months, and now Hudson has celebrated his third birthday. What milestones! This calls for some time reflecting on Hudson's year as a two year old.

Hudson started out the year as a toddler and has changed into a preschooler. When I think back to Hudson as a young two year old, he still had those sweet baby curls. Those were gone quickly after his birthday. He started out sleeping in his crib, but then we changed that into a toddler bed after Christmas because he had started attempting to climb out. In the summer he made the big move into a twin size bed and has done so well.
His passions have been everything transportation. Digger trucks, trains, garbage trucks, fire trucks, freight trucks. He loves them all. We do try to limit our TV to about an hour a day, but Hudson would probably chose to watch more. He enjoys Thomas the train, Curious George, and Seasame Street. Thanks to a long car ride to Colorado, he also has become a huge fan of the Cars movie. He loves to swing and play outside or go to the park. We have enjoyed seeing him become more willing to try new feats at the playground.

Oh, the things he will say! The vocabulary of this little boy is just constantly growing. Now that he is three there's not much he doesn't say. He says such big boy things like "well, how about..." or "I have an idea!" He is famous around our house for saying "I want to talk to you" with his cars, "read the letters" when we're looking at a book, and "I love it!" He is very polite. We love hearing him say please, thank you, and most recently the way that he asks permission for most anything he does.

Some of our more recent changes are the start of preschool and a church program called Puggles. We started potty training in May, and now a few months later he seems to be getting it. We still use diapers overnight, but we do venture out in public without diapers. There has been much humor associated with potty training. One result is the fact that Hudson spent much of the summer at our house without wearing shorts. It was just easier that way, and he wanted it that way. It was funny to look back on pictures of him around the house and notice he was rarely wearing shorts.

He is a fabulous, loving big brother. He is very patient as we take care of Athan and give attention to him. I do lament that I don't get to hold Hudson in my arms much anymore. He used to want me to hold him all the time, but he seems to be used to the fact that Athan is held and he walks now. He loves to help with Athan and tries to play with him.

Our dear Hudson is still so silly and loves being around little people. He gets so excited and gives big hugs. He loves to play with Bailey and would roll around on the floor with her all the time if we would let him. He laughs often and is just a happy little guy. We are so thankful for our fun little red head!

Athan's Third Month

3 months exactly- 13 weeks- with head held high
12 weeks...just had to capture that face!

11 weeks

Baby Athan has already reached his third month. It's hard to believe he's a quarter of a way through his first year.

This month was filled with new adventures and developments. My favorite development has to be the sounds that Athan will make. He enjoys mimicking our mouth when we make "motor" sounds with our lips. We do it, and then he follows. I was quite impressed with his intelligence the first time he did this. It's great to have that interaction with him. One physical change is the development of his belly. Athan's belly button officially became an "innie" after hanging out for 2 months. :)
Sleep is still a big topic of conversation around our house. After going so many weeks without consecutive hours of sleep, I have to say we've gotten to a new level of exhaustion. Hudson was sleeping through the night by two months, so this was territory I had not yet encountered. We're pressing on and thankful that he always does sleep eventually. He's kept up about the same schedule of 13-14 hours of sleep a day mostly in his own bed with 4 naps and the middle one being the longest. Most days the long nap, a.k.a. "mega nap," goes about 2 hours, but that's not always a guarantee. The other naps are usually around 45 minutes, sometimes a little less or more. Overall, he has made progress and often gets to sleep in what we find to be a reasonable amount of time- around 20 minutes. He winds down very quickly once he is swaddled and in the rocking chair with a pacifier. The work begins when we move him to his bed. Goal for next month: move to the crib in the room he will share with Hudson. Stories about that to follow, I'm sure!

What we have just come to adore about our sweet Athan is his delightful personality. He does not cry often and is just a fun little guy. Even though we have struggles with sleep, we do feel like we are in tune with him and usually know what he wants. We enjoy playing with him, exchanging smiles and sweet cooing sounds. It's a sweet process of getting to know your own little child. We're thankful that God has answered our prayers with Athan.