Thursday, March 26, 2009

Hudson's Favorite Words

Hudson is learning new words, or at least parts of words, all the time now.  It's really fun to hear what he'll come up with next.  We have a doctor's appointment this week since Hudson will be 18 months, so I've been trying to count how many words he can say since that's a question the pediatrician always asks.  Here's what I came up with.

His early words were Bayee (Bailey), Dada, Moma, Bye Bye, Gigi, Ba (Pa), Baba (Papa), Ba (ball, bath, what a sheep says, really almost anything).  Notice the "b" trend??

Then he added a few more: Bee (tree and shoe/feet?), Bee Bee (beep, beep), Ah Ah (arf, arf), Chee (cheese), and Haa (hot).

Last week he decided to really work on his vocabulary and added two new words.  He said Moo (moon) and Ayee (Ally).  We're working on Susu as well. 

Despite the new words, hot is still his word of the moment.  We'll hear him wake up and lay in his bed saying "haa, haa."  I have no idea what makes him think of hot, but he loves to say it.  In fact, I think he'll eat something just because it's hot.

We're amazed at watching our little man learn so much!  

Crested Butte Ski Trip

Last week was our youth ski trip, and Hudson made the journey again this year.  How many 1 year olds have been on 2 ski trips?  The kid is a trooper!  Papa Rock and Susu joined us this year, which was a lot of help for me.  The car ride was a little rough, but Hudson did as good as could be expected.  He really enjoyed the time with all the kids.  Giving high fives was the hi-light of group gatherings for Hudson.  He enjoyed walking around the hotel and looking at the pool, but not actually getting in the pool.  Our favorite activity was riding the bus to the base of the mountain.  Once we got there Hudson enjoyed sledding, throwing snow balls, pretending to ride a snow mobile, "skiing" with Daddy, and sliding on the snow.  
Jay took Hudson for a short ride on his skis
Hudson loved sliding down the snow on his bottom
Hudson was fascinated by a garbage truck
A quick family photo

Throwing snow balls with Sarah and Haley...such fun girls!