Thursday, August 21, 2008

Hudson's Best Buddies

Hudson and Spencer playing can hear Spencer say "Hudson"

We went to visit our cousins and best buddies, Spencer (1) and Ally (3), several times this summer. While Jay was off for a week studying theology at Dallas Seminary, Hudson, Bailey, and I took a vacation to Pa and Gigi's house. This week was extra special because Spencer and Ally (and Teresa and Seth) were also staying there as their new house was not yet complete.

Hudson and Spencer played really well together for the first time during that week. Spencer learned to say Hudson's precious...and would say it over and over again. He even started calling me Hudson for awhile before learning to say my name. I love hearing a baby learn to say new words.

We love playing with our cousins and are very eager for the arrival of baby boy Thompson in January. Yea for boys!

Sunday, August 17, 2008

Nose Kisses

Snuggling Noses with Mom

A few weeks ago Hudson was in his high chair, and I leaned in close to his face to get a smile. All of the sudden he leaned his face in and rubbed his nose on mine. It was the sweetest moment...a nose kiss!

I realized after then that I should be doing a better job of recording these special moments with Hudson. His first birthday is coming quickly, and I am sad to admit that I can't remember some parts of his first months. I've kept up his baby book, but it's a simple format without room for anecdotes and such.

So, that's what led to the creation of our Hudson blog. Jay tried to get me to start a blog when Hudson was first born, but I was hesitant. Now I realize my wise husband was right.
I hope to keep regular updates of the happenings of baby Hudson in this blog. Maybe this will help me remember more of these sweet days with our baby.
Oh, and the nose kisses continue at almost every meal. There's not much better in life than that.