Wednesday, September 10, 2008

A Baby or a Big Boy

When Hudson was four months old, we moved him from the bassinet in our room to the crib in his room. This was difficult as I felt this was some type of rite of passage symbolizing that from then on Hudson would never need me as much as he had when he was a newborn.

Moving him to his bed, of course, has turned out very well and allows all of us to sleep better. Since the move I've also realized that watching him grow and change is exciting, and he certainly still needs and wants us. With his first birthday approaching, I am seeing glimpses of Hudson becoming more of a "big boy" and less of a baby.

Hudson has become very brave and curious. Stairs, loud machines, and barking dogs don't frighten him. He loves them. He squeals in delight when Bailey is barking and running at him full speed. When I'm vacuuming, he often comes and stands right in front of the moving vacuum cleaner just to touch it. He loves nature. He is fascinated by leaves, dirt, and rocks. I was quite proud of myself for letting him pick up dirt yesterday when we were outside even thought he was wearing a creme outfit. He also loves being a "mighty man" and lifting large items (like his empty diaper boxes) and grunting.

On the other hand, I just treasure the moments when he is still my sweet little baby. He just started coming and sitting in my lap now when it's time to read. He stands in front of me and maneuvers his chubby legs backward until he falls in my lap. I love it when I can get him after a nap when he's still tired and he lets me rock him.

I am trying to remember just to treasure the moments, enjoy them, and realize he still has plenty of time before he really is a big boy. I think I can still call him my baby for a few more years before he tells me to stop. :)

This is a video of Hudson's pig impression...we love it!!!

Thursday, September 4, 2008

Tahlequah and The Standing Teepee

Over the Labor Day weekend, Hudson and I joined Jay and our youth group on a retreat to float the river in Tahlequah. I have made this journey several times myself and enjoy it, even though I don't enjoy the shower shoes and dingy bunk bed mattresses. Now with Hudson I didn't really even have time to notice those other discomforts. Little Hudson did not sleep well in the cabin with all the distractions there, but was really such a trooper. He has been such a good sport about traveling and has gone to so many places that most babies never go. He started early with a Miss State football game at 6 weeks, then went on to a bowl game in Memphis, a ski trip to Colorado, a Mission Trip to Texas and numerous trips to Tulsa, Dallas, and Starkville, Hudson has become a proven road warrior.

Since we've been home, I've come to notice several of my new favorites things that Hudson has done. One of my favs is what I call the "standing teepee." When Hudson starts to stand, he uses his hands to help him up. Sometimes he'll keep his head down and just rest there for awhile, thus the "standing teepee." So funny. This a picture of him starting the move. I haven't been able to capture a good picture yet.
His sense of humor is really developing as well. He makes goofy noises or faces and then lets out a little chuckle when he gets a reaction from us. Another thing I just love is after a nap when we'll stand over the crib and he'll say "ba ba" as he drops his pacifier back in the crib for later. (For those of you keeping track, we do believe this counts as his first word).