Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Hudson's Quotes

Hudson is my little entertainer. I find myself laughing aloud with him all the time. As he learns more, he says such funny things. Often he doesn't get the sentence structure correct or the pronunciation, but we kinda like it that way.

Some of my favorite recent sayings:

"Go Team!" with a big fist pump whenever he sees a football game on TV. If he's got Papa on his mind, he'll say "go dawgs!"

Driving past a dog eating grass on the side of the road, he said, "dog, I eat it grass" to explain that the dog was eating grass.

He has very much enjoyed out visits to Keely and Kim's house to meet their babies and has remembered those clearly. Right after we came home from visiting Keely, he started to say, "no, I Kee-yee's house" over and over again. He'll just say it randomly while we're driving and repeat himself over and over.  I think he's telling me he wants to go back to Keely's house.

He's also taken to self discipline. Often times when he has done something he's not supposed to, he'll choose to sit himself down right where he is. At first I thought he was mocking me or something along those lines. Then I realized from the pure look on his face that he had realized there was a consequence to his action. It didn't necessarily stop him from doing it, but he realized that!! A great ah-ha moment for Mom!

I'm also so delighted at the new concepts he's learning. He has continued to learn colors and shapes. My favorite to hear him say is triangle. I honestly didn't think he would be ready for shapes for awhile, but he's started to say them as we're playing with puzzles and shape sorters. He moves more quickly than I'm ready for sometimes.