Wednesday, January 28, 2009

The Weather Outside is Frightful

This week we had our first blast of winter weather this season, so we had to get outside and have some fun in the snow. Thanks to Papa Rock and Susu, we have a great sled to play in this snow and ice. We couldn't stay outside long, but it was a lot of fun.

Today Jay went back to work, so it was just Hudson and I stuck in the house. I decided we had to do somethings a little different so we made play dough this morning (thanks for the suggestion Gigi). Hudson loved it! We played for almost an hour, which is a long time for a little guy. He tried to keep it mostly in the bowl. He seems to like things in order.

Side Note: Several times recently we have started to get on to him for playing with Bailey's dog bowls or touching something breakable when we have realized that he's not actually "playing" with them. He has gone over to straighten it up because it wasn't in the right place. So funny! Who knows where he could have gotten that from?? :)

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Our little genius!

Hudson is learning to point to all his little body parts, and we think he's such a genius...or at least a good entertainer!

Friday, January 9, 2009

Reflections on 08

This time of year gives us a great opportunity to reflect on what's important in life.  We have so much to thank God for.  Hudson has blessed us with so much good and taught us about ourselves and our relationship with God.  

2008 was our first complete year with Hudson.  During the year Hudson accomplished so much.  In January we cheered him on as he learned to roll over, by March he was sitting up,  in the summer he began to walk and crawl at the same time, and he was saying words by his birthday.  Currently, his favorite words are Bailey, Dad, bye, and ba-ba (pacifier).  One day he'll say day!  We enjoy our time together; talking walks, playing with Bailey, reading books, Bible story time, going to church, or visits with our extended family.

He is our sweet baby.  We love seeing his personality and watching who God made him to be...some of it's Mom, some Dad, and some just Hudson.  He enjoys helping out at home; throwing away trash, putting up his dishes, or getting out his shoes.  He loves to be held, but not cuddled when he's trying to sleep.  He pushes our legs when he wants to be held, especially in the kitchen.  He is silly with a contagious laugh.  He likes to dance and play chase.  He loves to wave at people, even if they're not looking.

This year was very different from last year.  We are home early every  night, and we don't go out as much, but we wouldn't want our life to be any different now.  Hudson is our special gift, a treasure entrusted to us by God.  We hope to have more children like him, but know that if God only gives us one it will be enough.

Christmas Celebrations

This year Hudson celebrated Christmas for the first time at the Felker's in Starkville. The bowl game was fun last year, but this was great. Hudson enjoyed lots of affection, learning new dance moves from Uncle David, chasing Shep the dog, and eating off of everyone's plate. Jay and I enjoyed the time away with his family and especially treasured Christmas Eve night with the TV off. As usual, we were spoiled with way too many gifts, but it was a lot of fun opening them. Hudson was not very interested in opening the packages, but was eager to play once all the unwrapping was over.

We had an extra bonus the following week. Since Kandace still hadn't delivered baby Jackon, Hudson and I stayed a few days in Starkville with Papa Rock and Susu, while Jay returned to Stillwater with his brothers. We even took an extra trip up to Brownsville.

After a long labor, baby Jackson Lane Thompson was born the evening of December 31. Hudson was very excited at the first meeting. All he kept saying was "baaa" and wanted to get ahold of Jackson. Congrats Thompsons! :)

Thanksgiving Togetherness

Thanksgiving at Kandace's house

We spent Thanksgiving in Memphis with my family. My sister's family, my parents, and our crew journeyed over there to celebrate the holiday with my very pregnant sister on bed rest. It was a different way to spend Thanksgiving, but a great example of how grateful we are for one another. We did all pass the stomach bug to one another, which originated from Hudson, so maybe next year we won't want to be that close together. :)
After we got home, Hudson had one of first temper tantrums...I thought it was a milestone