Friday, October 14, 2011

Happy Birthday, Hudson!

We celebrated Hudson's birthday in Fort Worth style this year with a cowboy themed party. It was fun picking out decor and, thanks to Susu, stylin' some great cowboy clothes. Unfortunately though, for the second year in a row, Hudson was sick on his birthday. We couldn't have friends over, but family did brave the stomach bug and come on anyway (maybe not a good decision as they ALL caught it!). I'm so thankful they would as it made for a sweet time of celebrating. Hudson wasn't up to eating much and we waiting on cake until the next day, but he was excited about his party. Birthday hi-lights were waking up to the cowboy decoration and toys, a morning park trip with Susu, and dinner and presents with the Oklahoma crew. On Saturday Hudson got to ride his new bike and take our guests out to the Stockyards. It really was perfect. Well, except for all the sickness that passed around. :) We are so thankful for our family who would come make Hudson's birthday special- thank you Susu, Pa & Gigi, Aunt Kandace & Jackson!

As we celebrate H turning 4, it's fun to think back on how he has grown in a year.

In the ways that Hudson spends his free time, I've seen a big chance from simply toys to imaginative play. He loves to play pretend and is often coming up with something to act out. It often involves his long time favorite things- work trucks, cars, or animals, but now he wants to act them out. He usually wants someone to take a role with him, but he is okay at times to act out the dialogue on his own. He continues to ask tons of questions, though usually just resorting to the "why" when he is really tired (it took me awhile to figure that out). Other Hudson favorites this year were all kinds of sports- football, soccer, hockey & baseball, Curious George books & TV, Go Diego Go, puzzles (usually before bed), cars & trucks, animal figures, books, playing at the park, and riding his tricycle. He also has a strange desire to squeeze his brother's feet. We haven't quite figured that one out yet. :)

He is more independent. He is opinionated about his clothes. In the winter he was in love with his footed PJs and really all through the year he has wanted his Miss State football jersey and Lighting McQueen light up shoes. Not anything wrong with either of those things, just not my first choice for some outings! He looks older- taller & thinner. I don't really see chubby cheeks anymore. Oh, and he sings! This has been a complete change this year. He loves to sing and even dance. He used to tell me not to sing. Hudson is friendly & silly, eager to please others. We love him so and are thankful for his sweet, teachable spirit.

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Kandace said...

I love all of those cheesy smiles, especially the bike smile and going t school picture!