Thursday, July 12, 2012

Happy Birthday Athan!

We celebrated Athan's second birthday with the Lane side of the family the weekend before his birthday.  It was a huge treat to have all of my family here.  It was the first time everyone was in Texas with us at the same time.  We rode a train, swam, and had lots of play time, of course!  My favorite part of the weekend may have been as Athan was opening his presents.  I asked him to tell the gift giver thank you and he took it a step further by offering a kiss to each person.  So sweet!

We just adore our Athan.  He is such a gift to us with his own unique personality.  He is our brave, cuddly, funny, truck loving little guy.  

I was thrilled that just a few days before his birthday he started to say his own name- and Hudson's.  I think that he knew it was time to do something big.  He also started screaming more.  He knew he was supposed to start something terrible. :)  

At the train station

Happy Birthday with the cousins!

Maybe the hi-light of his birthday

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